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Spring Cleaning In San Diego

Spring Cleaning in San Diego

As summer is about to start in San Diego, there are a ton of things that need to be done around any house or business.  Spring cleaning in San Diego entails getting your home or business ready for Summer. Horizon Window Cleaning recommends several things that you should do when starting out the spring season.

Window Cleaning

It is recommended to clean the windows after the winter season because the build up of dirt, dust, and minerals overtime lead to damaging the surface of your windows. Rain and strong winds will likely cause a ton of buildup by the start of Spring. It is necessary for regular maintenance on windows to ensure that they do not end up damaged leading to costly repairs. By maintaining your windows throughout the year you avoid expensive repairs that are avoidable with regular maintenance.

Pressure Washing

Just like windows need regular maintenance, the surfaces of your home or business do as well.  The surfaces of your home can become damaged from not maintaining them regularly, and weather changes. Use the spring to rejuvenate the surface of your home, and prepare for summer in San Diego.

Gutter Cleaning

Waiting to clean your gutters? Now is the time! Clogged gutters and rain debris can create a breeding ground for pests, get clogged , and lead to building damage. Spring is a time for all of debris to get cleared out of your gutter. Debris collect year around, and it is a good idea to have a cleaning during spring. Maintaining gutters is crucial to building maintenance. Overflowing gutters can lead to basement water problems and cracked foundations. By maintaining your gutters you are avoiding costly repairs to your home or business.


Our professionals at HORIZON PROFESSIONAL WINDOW CLEANING are experts at maintaining the shine on commercial and residential windows, from plain glass to solar panels in San Diego area. Whether you own a store front, a house or a high rise, reap all of the benefits of facing the world with clear, bright windows today.


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