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How Window Tinting ReducesYour Energy Cost

How Window Tinting Reduces Your Energy Cost

Saving money is the talk of the century now a day. Prices are skyrocketing everywhere especially when it comes to living expenses. Utility bills are becoming more expensive as our global environment changes, so it is no wonder that residential and commercial window tinting is becoming more and more popular. Here are some ways window tinting can help you save money.

What is Solar Window Film?

Solar window film is a thin low emissivity laminate film that is coated on polyester substrate. This film is then installed to both the interior and exterior of a glass surface of windows. Each window film selection come in different components such as: dyed, metalized, hybrid, sputtered, and pigmented. There are also special films that are UV films, colored window films, and transparent window films.

How does window tinting affect cooling cost?

Window tinting is very affordable and the results can save you money on your next electricity bill. In summertime when heat is at its peak, window tinting helps reduce intense levels of heat and light that passes through the glass of your home or commercial building. Window tint blocks out UV rays and reduces solar heat, thus lessening the time you run your air-conditioner, while reducing your cooling costs.

How do save money in the winter using window film?

You might not realize that window film can also lower your heating bills in the winter by preventing heat loss. The window film will help retain heat inside your home and keep it nice and warn without too much need to use your heater constantly.

How much money will I save and is it affordable?

Window tinting is definitely affordable and worth the investment for long-term savings. Horizon Professional Window Cleaning has affordable rates and a variety of selection of film to choose from. Not only can you see your energy bills going down in 2-5 years, but you will also feel more comfortable inside your home or office.

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