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Residential Window Cleaning


Residential window cleaning really isn’t as easy as it looks! Without the proper training and equipment, you could actually end up doing more harm than good. You might get rid of the surface dirt, so that your windows superficially look cleaner, but you’re unlikely to remove more stubborn substances like algae and mold.

In the process of trying your hand at window cleaning, there’s a significant chance that you’ll actually scratch the windows, or cause even more serious permanent damage. In that case, you’ll need to call in professional help anyway, or – in the worst case scenario – get the window replaced entirely. Either way, you’ll end up spending more than you would have from just hiring a professional residential window cleaning company, like Horizon Professional Window Cleaning, in the first place.

There’s another major factor you need to take into consideration, regarding the health of your home. When the Horizon Professional Window Cleaning team members are cleaning your windows, we also evaluate their general current state. We can identify the signs when, for example, the seal around the windows might be weakening. Having gaps in the sealing is also bad news. In short, it’s something that needs to be addressed pretty quickly, but it can be difficult to spot for the non-professional.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, we come to the question of your health. Even if it’s a common thing to do, heading up a ladder is actually a risky business. Each year, thousands of Americans injure themselves doing so. Considering that professional residential window cleaning isn’t that expensive, we have to ask; is attempting to clean your own windows really worth the risk? We have extensive professional training in working on ladders here at Horizon Professional Window Cleaning.

There really is no good argument for DIY residential window cleaning. It’s a completely unnecessary risk, and – even if nothing actually goes “wrong” – the chances are your windows still won’t look good afterwards!

The smarter choice, by far, is to simply contact Horizon Professional Window Cleaning, and have us do it for you. We’d love to talk you through your residential window cleaning needs. To get in touch, just call us on (858) 248-1870.

Our professionals at HORIZON PROFESSIONAL WINDOW CLEANING are experts at maintaining the shine on commercial and residential windows, from plain glass to solar panels in San Diego area. Whether you own a store front, a house or a high rise, reap all of the benefits of facing the world with clear, bright windows today.

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